Various DIY centerpieces for this Thanksgiving season

Fall and Thanksgiving Day and you need to invite guests to your home for dinner and get together, and doesn’t it look awful when the table looks plain and unattended? Give your guests that special attention and make them feel invited and special by decorating the table with gorgeous centerpieces that are more than enough to create looks that match the theme of the occasion.

Beautiful fresh centerpiece with dahlia and roses:

Autumn is all about bright colors of orange and yellow and this centerpiece consists of a glass jar filled with small gourds and fresh cut flowers such as dahlias and roses in a bunch that crowns the vase as a beautiful centerpiece.

Thanksgiving centerpiece with pumpkin and sunflowers

Fall Harvest Candle Holder / Centerpiece

Find some glass candle holders or a goldfish bowl and layer with the popcorn kernels, beans, and peas as you like.

Floating Cranberries and Votive Candles:

This is a glass bowl filled with water and cranberries with floating votive candles making a beautiful centerpiece. This bright red color and white, along with other baskets of fresh fruit, make a beautiful centerpiece for the Thanksgiving occasion.

Herbs in the jar:

You can fill a jar with water and tie it with a white ribbon to symbolize purity and you can put some fresh herbs in the jar and place it as a center piece. This herbal decor is a beautiful centerpiece and also looks very unique.

Heart of the autumn candle:

This is one of the common types of centerpieces where you can place big fat candles of different sizes as a centerpiece on a tray, but additionally you can tie different colored fall leaves to the candles with rope.

Fall or Thanksgiving outdoor table setting

Fall outdoor table setting inspiration

Tall glasses with branches and votive candles:

This is a tall glass vessel filled with water in which twigs and floating candles are placed. This is a serene centerpiece that looks very unique and is very easy to make as you just need to gather some twigs from the garden.

Twig-Covered Canister Vase:

This is a twig covered canister vase or even a tin can where you can place a bouquet of fresh flowers in any tin canister you like and arrange twigs around the canisters and tie ribbons around them to keep them intact.

Here is a tutorial on how to make a DIY branch vase

Wheat Sheaves:

Put three bundles of wheat sheaves tied with a ribbon on the table and this will be very suitable for the Thanksgiving Day occasion.

White Pumpkin Centerpiece:

Place white squash surrounded by dried leaves and flowers as centerpieces and you can arrange them neatly on the table with space between them to make them look beautiful as fall decorations.

Wooden tray centerpiece with pumpkins and candles
Table setting inspiration for fall

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